Wii U 5.5.2+ browser hax http://wup.ovh/new/
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<title>wup.ovh new</title>
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<a href="/">back to stable version</a>
<h2>wup.ovh: Wii U 5.5.2+ browser hax</h2>
<h4>super experimental new test version</h4>
<a href="payload/exploit_WORKING.html"><h1>Exploit</h1></a>
Not working? <a href="/">Try the stable version.</a><br/>
Remember to purchase and download your Haxchi compatible VC to the internal storage before doing the exploit if you want to install Haxchi. It would suck if it finally worked but you couldn't install Haxchi.<br/>
Try the big exploit button a few times first. Clearing your browser save data or choosing another delta might also help. The important thing is to <b><i>just keep trying</i></b>!
JsTypeHax exploit by JumpCallPop<br/>
wup.ovh <!--#include file="commit.html" -->