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The latest updates for drg.li vcs

2021/01/09 account database purge

We have formed a habit of periodically purging all accounts that have not been email activated. Today's purge was a little different. We have recently noticed a sharp rise in registrations so from here on out we will occasionally also do manual user database purges. In today's purge, all accounts that haven't been logged into since the day they were created and which were created before June 2020 have been removed. This purge did not affect any accounts that have repo or organization data.

2021/01/09 drg.li vcs wiki created

This announcement marks the creation of this wiki! We will put some useful documentation and post updates about the service here. This repository also contains the issue tracker for the site. I also recently updated the site to the latest gitea backend which added some interesting new features.

2020 shutdown announcement

Prior to this wiki's creation we used the homepage to announce that we'd shutdown the service before changing our mind and opting to keep the service open. You can find an archive of those announcements here.